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Men’s voices need to be heard





men's voices


Don’t get me wrong women’s health is important as well. But there is a growing gap between men’s.

I just did a search for images on google for the following request’s men’s health images and women’s health images. I was shocked at the results here are the screenshots for each, tell me what is wrong. We thought women had image issues, the relate the health to themselves making sure they are mentally and physically well, men just want to be strong and have a great body image not physically healthy or mentally healthy, this is why Out Of The Cave is a goal of mine to help men realise that there is help there for them, that they aren’t insignificant. That having muscle isn’t the only way to be healthy, that it is ok to talk about mental health, that you don’t feel well.

So you ask why is this guy banging on about men’s health especially mental health, well going on nearly two months ago I nearly took my own life as a result of frustration and the fear of being alone, what stopped me was having the sense that I would leave my wife in a state that I was trying to avoid.

My life was simple and fun then a turn of events happened. My parents died a couple of years apart, my wife was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer, which has fought through and then the final straw I injured myself at work which resulted in a series of x-rays being taken, which then lead to me finding out that my back is a structural mess and both knees have the patella in the wrong spot from birth. Then the next lot that I was anemic and suffering from COPD aka emphysema so all this got on top of me, but with a great friend Don Lachance and my psychologist and wife have kept me alive. So that is my little story and why this has come about.

If you feel the need for help but don’t want it out and about ask to join our closed group were other men struggling can help. There is nothing shameful about what you are going through, we think it is not what men talk about unless we do the 75% suicide rate of men in Australia will not change.


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