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Welcome to Peter, the place to learn and have fun with travel, food, drinks and learning different skills with business and photography.

Peter has a vast background which has been sales and service focused, he believes that everyone has a skill and that they should take the full benefit of that skill.

Some of the organisations Peter has worked in allow him to help others through the insights that he has.

  • RACV/ RACV Travel
  • Lexmark
  • Dan Murphy’s
  • Coles
  • Peter George Photography and Media
  • Flight Centre

His passion for wine and spirits shone through at Dan Murphy’s becoming one of their wine specialist and a major go-to person in spirits.

A love for travel lead to Peter working in the industry and his research and knowledge on travel is a benefit to all that meets him along the way.

His love all three things that go together, Travel, Food, Wine, Spirits and Beer have leed to the development of the Lifestyle section of his site.

“We aren’t put on this earth to work, pay the bills and die”, this is one thing Peter believes in and has lead to a focus of self employment as well as self success. I love helping people find themselves, as well as being the best that they can be.

In his endeavour to do this, he will share all he can in the business section of his site

Some of the influences on Peter have been

Gary Vaynerchuk
Peter Voogd

Mental Health has been a struggle for Peter over the last few years and has lead to his work on his site which assists men with mental health issues, which he is now sharing on understanding that the issue is a growing concern.