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Christmas The Hell Of It




We all see Christmas as a period of connection and spending time with our family, this is not so in a lot of cases. The emergency workers on duty to keep us safe and well, the defence forces protecting our borders and the world safe, however, there is one category that does it really tough and that is fathers that will not have access to their children.

This is one of the periods that self-harm and suicide in men escalate further, we know that there are 8 suicides a day in Australia and 6 of them are men but there are no numbers kept over the holiday period. Speaking to a few guys that have contacted Out Of The Cave they are worried that not seeing their kids will have a huge effect on them mentally.

I don’t have children but I feel their pain just in the voices and eyes it is heartbreaking, some guys have brought this on themselves, I get that but it is the ones that haven’t that I worry about, seeing the kids the week before is no compensation for the smiles and joy of a child on Christmas day, the hugs, the kisses, the unreserved love is lost to the men that spend the Christmas at home alone, or with family and the nephews and nieces, it’s fun but it is not the same.

What I am asking for is all families in the situation this year is to click on this link for information from RUOK and download print it remember it, you need to ask the question not just on Christmas day but the days leading up to and after if you know they don’t have access to their kids, we also need to ask the same of the emergency workers and defence personal, RUOK is not one day it is every day and takes a commitment from you to ask the questions as it is the only family that knows the person, if their eyes don’t tell you the truth keep asking. You may break them but it is ok to be broken, the other option isn’t a great one.

So this Christmas if you see a defence person shake their hand and thank them, stop and thank an emergency worker and most importantly hug someone that is doing it tough mentally and physically.



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